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XRAY 350200 XT8



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alt="XRAY 350200 XT8" title="XRAY 350200 XT8"
alt="XRAY 350200 XT8" title="XRAY 350200 XT8"
alt="XRAY 350200 XT8" title="XRAY 350200 XT8"
alt="XRAY 350200 XT8" title="XRAY 350200 XT8"
alt="XRAY 350200 XT8" title="XRAY 350200 XT8"
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XRAY 350200 XT8 is classified under AWD Nitro Powered Off-Road Truggy assembly kit 1/8 scale
The XRAY XT8 is a modern, high-competition premium luxury competition 1/8 truggy which includes been purposefully produced and manufactured by Dipl. Eng. Hudy Juraj for high-competition competition, and it also's on the basis of the award-winning and European Champion XRAY XB8, produced entirely and totally by XRAY in Slovakia (europe). The XT8 is a geniune purpose-built rushing truggy produced around a no-compromise platform. From especially created truggy suspension system system, the utmost drivetrain concept with unique truggy gear ratio, to your ultra-low CG and optimized fat security, all is especially made and developed for truggy competition across the world. XT8 sets the absolute most up-to-date standard in truggies.

XRAY XT8 Overview:
XRAY Racing Truggy on the basis of the European Champion XB8 straight down road buggy • Designed making by the world’s many admired R&D team • Pure battle design and premium luxury quality with most readily useful performance • All elements created specifically and developed for Truggy-specific superior suspension system geometry, specific ultra-efficient drivetrain elements with optimal Truggy ratio • simply premium and exclusive materials used through the whole automobile • Exclusive Hudy Spring Steel™ drivetrain elements for many easily of good use performance and unmatched lifespan • Effective C-hub suspension system system with revolutionary I.A.C. (integrated Adjustable Caster™) • Lightweight strong molded steering obstructs with molded-in steel bushings (XRAY innovation) • completely adjustable suspension system system system system system featuring I.S.S. (included Suspension Settings™) • Ultra-low CG, all elements are primary in framework • Optimized front/rear and left/right fat security for perfect jumps • completely independent, fully-adjustable suspension system with full-time 4WD • Ultra lightweight high-tensile transmission components created by hand from unique world-renowned top-secret self-developed Hudy Spring Steel™ • Drivetrain includes 22 accuracy rubber-sealed bearings for optimum effectiveness and price • Ultra-precision front/rear and center diffs with Hudy Spring Steel™ outdrives • Pinions, spurs, top gears and clutchbell manufactured by HUDY • brand-new extra long big bore shocks for perfect handling on bumpy songs and big jumps • Swiss 7075 T6 CNC-machined framework (3mm), front/rear shock towers (4mm), steering spot (3mm), front top deck (3mm), radio meal (3mm) and center diff mounting meal (3mm) • All aluminum elements work XRAY’s fashionable black colored colored colored finish with silver edging for luxurious touch • Laser-cut, precision-ground metal stopping system disks for ultra-efficient fade-free braking • Adjustable turnbuckles produced from Hudy Spring Steel™ • Swiss 7075 flywheel with aluminum clutch footwear • elegant XRAY Truggy human body included • XRAY Thrax Truggy tires and tires included

Swiss 7075 T6 Chassis
The framework is CNC-machined from top-notch Swiss 3mm 7075 T6 difficult coated aluminum that will be strategically machined in low-stress areas making it because light that you can without impacting energy or rigidity. Material beneath the engine, automobile's vehicle's gas tank, and diffs is expunged allowing top priced feasible center of gravity. The framework has optimized fat safety with elements centralized on center for perfect side-to-side fat safety. All screw holes concerning the base the framework are countersunk, making it possible for a very smooth framework underside without protruding screw minds. The framework is hardcoated at XRAY’s particular in-house completely robotic hardcoating line, ensuring outstanding hardcoated area. Strong composite component guards offer protection on truggys internals. The framework features rigid front part and straight back diff housings by which all suspension system system elements are put up. Immediate use of both front and back differentials makes upkeep simple.

Extra-robust Braces
Extra-robust composite braces are keyed toward framework, guaranteeing basic framework tightness though being versatile sufficient to allow the vehicle generate sufficient hold and gives the mandatory steering faculties.

Premium Luxury Quality
The radio tray, front top deck and primary diff mounting meal are machined from top-notch Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum featuring XRAY fashionable black colored colored finish with silver edging for a lavish look.

Truggy Suspension
All suspension system system system elements on XT8 is at reality purposefully produced and developed for truggy battle. The super-long hands provide maximum security although the maximum tightness out of all the suspension system system system components ensures maximum traction under many racing conditions. The super-long suspension system system system system system arms guarantee the most control over rough area and exceptional landing over big jumps.

Extra considerably longer Arms
The smooth lines the hands guarantee they are easy and clean. Lots of suspension system system system system supply designs appear to have been tested in electronic truth, searching top blend of power, freedom, and durability. The best design guarantees top blend of all... supplying the absolute most helpful on-track performance. The hands are because slim feasible to create enough flex (for this reason producing probably the most of hold as you are able to), while are strengthened in key areas (age.g., where shocks are create toward fingers) to make certain forces from landing big jumps are not sent adversely toward arms consequently avoiding deformation. Front paid hands have actually to sum up regarding the hands narrowed to produce increased steering traits and therefore better control.

Fully Adjustable Suspension
Suspension geometry is wholly adjustable via suspension system system system holders, and also the front component top suspension system system system features XRAY’s revolutionary I.S.S. (built-in suspension system Settings™) design featuring eccentric bushings for various suspension system system system improvements. Offer mounts work hardened 4mm hinge pins. The super-smooth polished pins be sure that all suspension system system system system elements move completely effectively. The kit includes both front component and back anti-roll bars being securely installed to both diff circumstances.

Swiss 7075 T6 Shock Towers
XRAY’s stylish black colored colored finish with silver edging beauty leading and back shock towers, which are CNC-machined from high-grade Swiss 4mm 7075 T6 aluminum. The shock towers are strategically lightened to minimize fat without compromising energy. Numerous shock jobs (24) allow numerous suspension system system settings. Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum components have really in fact in fact increased rigidity, increasing the unmatched value of XT8.
Integrated Adjustable Caster
The unique C-hub suspension system system regarding XT8 features integral Adjustable Caster™ (XRAY patent) helping you to adjust one C-block through the entire caster angle range; no optional caster obstructs required! The C-block features an inclined kingpin design for increased steering and protection. Optional eccentric bushings are essential. A sizable component uprights provide an extensive selection of roll center and camber enhance settings.
Steering Obstructs

Super-lightweight composite steering obstructs are a geniune innovation in design and functionality. Each block features an inset steel bushing that is molded in to the steering block itself. This idea enables the master pin screws become firmly held in steel threaded bushing after the end associated with screw is self-locked in composite to prevent the screws from loosening during competition. The steering obstructs are molded from a lightweight yet good and durable composite item.
Adjustable Turnbuckles Hudy Spring Steel
Fully-adjustable turnbuckles are manufactured from premium Hudy Spring Steel™. A handy turnbuckle wrench is roofed in kit.
Big-Bore Extra-Long Shocks

The XT8 shocks are big bore and far much longer than standard XB8 shocks thus providing excellent damping faculties and accommodating the increased suspension system system downtravel. Shocks are CNC-machined and hard-anodized at XRAY’s specific in-house completely robotic hardcoating line, ensuring maximum smoothness inside shock human anatomy therefore ultra-free movement from pistons. The kit includes three (1.3, 1.4, 1.5mm) pistons, being mated to heavy-duty 3.5mm shock shafts produced from specially hardened metal for smooth surprise action. The tops with regards to the shocks work aluminum caps and rubber footwear to prevent dirt develop. The quick rubber footwear are very effective unlike standard full-size shoes, which could tear basically. The brief synthetic footwear work a particular hard foam protector which enables you to make sure that no dust gets in paid down shock construction.

Optimized Shock Positions
Shocks may be put up in various different jobs, of thouroughly tested and analyzed both in electronic truth and on-track to possess widest feasible number of surprise jobs. This guarantees adequate suspension system system travel and greatest setup for flat European-style tracks or big bumpy US-style tracks.

Particularly made Truggy Drivetrain
The drivetrain elements on XT8 have been particularly made and developed the truggy racing. As a result of an extraordinary interior ratio accomplished by various top gear and pinion gear, the guts spur gear can feature fewer teeth than a great many other traditional truggies and for that reason has an ultra low CG. Major gears use HUDY steel (Spur, Pinion, Crown gear and Clutchbell) and each piece is individually machined using a precision gear device. All drivetrain elements are particularly ground and refined to ensure the very best and maximum accuracy, and bearings fit with the tightest threshold in wheel axles ensuring wobble-free drivetrain action.

Hudy Spring metal Drive Shafts
The world’s lightest truggy drivetrain guarantees reduced rotating fat and increased performance. All drivetrain elements (drive shafts, diffs, and stopping system outdrives) are ultra lightweight, strategically weight-reduced, and are usually made from premium top-quality top-secret Hudy Spring steel. Wheel axles and wheel peanuts are made from aircraft light aluminum, hardcoated for low usage and increased lifespan. CVD drive shafts offer maximum effectiveness during energy transfer from engine to own outcomes a vehicle train, and likewise utilising the increased reduced travel on XT8 there's absolutely no binding in the drive train.

Premium Ball Bearings
Drivetrain effectiveness is assured because of the musical company of 22 accuracy ball-bearings utilized throughout. The bearings are lubricated with unique oil which will surely help to make certain dust wont destroy the ball-bearings, while none the less allowing maximum drivetrain effectiveness.

Super Smooth Gear Differentials
Rubber-sealed composite differential housings are by hand accuracy ground after molding procedure to make sure a fantastic fit with no vibration. Differential gears are made of pushed metal, temperature addressed, and machined for ultra-precision and smooth procedure. Utilization of the middle differential is very simple by releasing the utmost effective deck with only four screws. Better center diff housing is sized to steer optional spur gears.

XRAY Premium Silicone Oils
The XT8 kit features the modern XRAY Premium Silicone Oils reported in nations in europe by a specialized premium silicone oil manufacturer; these amazing sebum have been totally made for XRAY. Each batch of premium oil is laboratory tested and calibrated to make sure the utmost perseverance and quality from batch to batch. Based on the industry-proven CST rating, the most recent selection of oils really is easy to acknowledge, change, and feel.

Clutch System
The flywheel is CNC-machined from most useful grade Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. The clutch features 3 aluminum footwear plus some 1.0mm springs for optimal clutch engagement. High-grade CNC-machined motor mounts help dissipate engine heat, as they are usually frequently mounted through recessed motor mounting screws through base of framework.

Super Efficient Brakes
The ventilated stopping system disks are laser cut, heat addressed, and ground both edges to make sure vibration-free procedure. The stopping system pads work top-notch Ferodo® pads for unmatched stopping energy. Brake bias can typically be modified via easy-to-use stopping system linkage.

Fuel Tank
The automobile's vehicle's gas tank – with integrated stone filter – has a molded-on splashguard to shield the stopping system system from gas spillage. The tank is established with synthetic grommets to just take vibration. The large-capacity gas filter is roofed as standard; the gasoline filter varies off their people as it is captured in a holder which can not turn as a consequence of vibration. The gasoline filter is initiated aside regarding gasoline tank’s splashguard to ensure no vibrations can be used inside gas filter... once more because of the artificial mounting grommets. The fuel filter is effectively rebuildable and cleanable and features an exceptional sieve that protects your engine from dirt. The XT8 features the large-capacity 150cc vehicle's gas tank. Minimal composite holders secure dense 5.5mm silicone gas tubing. The smooth-flowing and efficient air-con equipment filter is made of two elements. Air-con filter oil is roofed as standard. The universal artificial elbow allows it to accommodate any standard 1/8 truggy engine.

Broadcast Tray
The aluminum T6 radio tray features a lay-down steering servo and upright throttle/brake servo arrangement; both servos sit regarding framework centerline. Heavy-duty steering horns are included to withstand the punishment from long mains. The most effective molded radio package features a clean design and design that places the extra fat in key areas for a balanced vehicle. The batteries sit regarding centerline towards framework and lightweight receiver is placed independently. Belly muscles easy-to-access radio package is initiated on medial part from radio meal for that reason by releasing one or two hours screws the complete gadgets installation is acquired through the car for quick cleansing and servicing. For racers maybe not using a radio switch, a handy molded target is roofed to make sure a leak-free radio package! The tight antenna pipeline owner actually actually really helps to guarantee the antenna pipeline remains connected despite the fact that automobile is flipped.

Rushing Wing
The aerodynamic right back wing is molded from an incredibly versatile yet virtually unbreakable composite combination. All edges are strengthened at critical areas to prevent breaking or breakage. A large part wing holders work braces so that the wing holders are installed firmly towards backside surprise tower. The owner provides countless wing-mounting functions to ensure the absolute most environment for different tracks.

Tires & Wheels
XRAY Racing Dish Wheels are molded from light yet excessively durable product and generally speaking are suitable for high-competition competition. XRAY Thrax low-profile truggy tires are in the kit. The lower profile the tires guarantees high traction and much more impressive range although the big sidewalls are created for far more controllable and constant component bite. The tires are produced from soft element generate sufficient hold in many sporting conditions. Some foam inserts typically included.

Truggy Low-Profile Body
The low-profile race truggy body finished up being especially meant to totally fit the XT8 which is manufactured from premium Lexan™ product to make sure finest quality and longest life.

XT8 Specs:
Length: 560 mm Width: 430~422mm Height: 195 mm Wheelbase: 363~367 mm bodyweight: RTR 3952g ; 2262g

Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 hardcoated aluminum Radio tray: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum Front top deck: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum Central diff top deck: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum Braces: Reinforced composite braces (front side part / back)

suspension system system system:
Fully adjustable suspension system system front component and right back Front top suspension system featuring I.S.S. (incorporated suspension system system system Settings™ ) right back suspension system system: Lower H-arm with adjustable top camber url Front suspension system system system: C-hub suspension system system system with I.A.C. (included Adjustable Caster™) Damping: Machined aluminum, oil-filled coil-over shocks with 3.5mm shafts and synthetic shaft covers

Drive Train:

Type: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD w/ center differential main: steel spur gear / clutch bell Drive shafts: Hudy Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts Differentials: Sealed, 6 gear, silicone-filled Clutch: Aluminum 3-shoe Bearings: Rubber-sealed


Pinion/Spur: 10/43 main Ratio: 4.3:1 Internal Ratio: 3.69:1 Final Gear Ratio: 15.88:1
Body, Tires, Wheels & Others

Body: XRAY XT8 human anatomy Tires: XRAY Thrax low-profile truggy tires Wheels: XRAY Racing Dish Wheels, standard 17mm hub automobile's car's vehicle's gas tank: 120cc ability with hypertonic tank lid and inside stone-type filter

Adjustment possibilities:
Camber Caster Toe-in Wheelbase Front kick-up straight back anti-squat front side part and straight back move center Ackermann Down prevents Ride height Shock jobs Shock dampening Anti-Roll Bars

Also Included:
Wheel device Universal product for peanuts, turnbuckles, and shock clips
Items not Included:
Engine Exhaust system Electronics (broadcast, Receiver, Servos) Tools Receiver Battery gasoline
Remark :
Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some XRAY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 4-6 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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