Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD - XRAY 300200  [XR-300200]

XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD



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alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
alt="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD" title="XRAY 300200 - Xray T4f - 1/10 Luxury Electric TC FWD"
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XRAY 300200 Luxury Electric TC FWD is classified under FWD Electric Powered On-Road Touring Cars assembly kit 1/10 scale


2018 All-new Specs

  • All-new ULP (Ultra minimal Profile) shocks with 4mm reduced design for improved stability
  • All-new ultra-low profile ULP shock towers to steer fresh ULP (Ultra minimal Profile) shocks
  • All-new framework design with groundbreaking motor mount plate spot for further flex modification and engine relocated more to center
  • All-new top redesigned top deck works together the modern layshaft bulkheads and motor mount which moves motor more to center
  • All-new motor mount meal features unique additional rearmost holes for improved traction and extra flex adjustment
  • All-new motor mount decreases the framework roll with engine destination more to center
  • All-new in-line framework flex set-up choices
  • All-new ECS drive shafts are 51mm miss optimized steering and stability



  • Designed for a few helpful performance at all levels of racing
  • Chassis intended to offer maximum traction and steering
  • Reduced sensitiveness to changing track conditions, providing super-consistent performance during runs
  • EFRA, ROAR, FEMCA spec compliant for stock and modified racing
  • Super quite simple generate, create, keep, and drive
  • Developed, produced and styled by Martin Hudy, produced totally by XRAY in countries in europe on the planet's sophisticated RC production facility
  • Revolutionary on-road platform utilizing the standard for premium quality, dependability and performance
  • Premium, expert, high-competition model rushing automobile the many demanding racers
  • Manufactured from premium European materials, machined using advanced level Swiss and German machines
  • Premium XRAY solution & support


  • Graphite framework CNC-machined from 2.2mm premium-grade graphite material
  • Chassis specially created for different track conditions, providing enhanced traction, steering, security, and increased cornering speed
  • Chassis has pre-drilled holes for ARS™ system
  • Chassis features pre-drilled holes for optional elements including framework loads, graphite motor guard, graphite adjustable battery power owner, and battery strap
  • Chassis especially made for brushless devices and LiPo batteries; composite battery pack holders prevent batteries from relocating crashes
  • Top deck enables starting optional aluminum stand to change flex faculties, and optional graphite steering system plate
  • Bulkheads are strategically put nearby the center of framework to improve steering, traction, and stability
  • Layshaft bulkhead permits eradication of top deck accessory screws (bearing is held by layshaft bulkhead)
  • Upper bulkhead clamps work  4 optimized roll center positions
  • Front & backside bulkheads enable split front part & straight back diff height modification and gear anxiety adjustment
  • 3mm super-low profile shock towers lower the CG and enhance stability
  • Motor mount bulkhead works together industry-standard brushless motors
  • Centered layshaft and split bulkheads offer improved safety as a result of maximum fat circulation regarding motor towards centerline, supplying faster left-right transitions
  • Motor mount bulkhead is alongside layshaft bulkhead in 1 solid piece to eliminate tweak considering connected screws
  • Motor mount bulkhead is connected with aluminum motor mount supper to eliminate tweak, now provides numerous flex modification possibilities by adding/removing screw ahead or behind the nut, or utilizing optional post rather than the nut
  • The motor mount dinner is linked to the framework via an M3 nut and one more countersunk screw is positioned ahead or behind the nut if more reinforcement becomes necessary, and/or nut is eradicated and 1 or more of 6 holes can be employed as extra flex modification options
  • Front & backside paid down bulkheads care for the anti-roll club bearing mounting system



  • Kit includes both standard & ARS™ (Active back Suspension™) backside suspensions
  • ARS™ suspension system system system system provides great modification possibilities and driving characteristics
  • ARS™ suspension system system have actually ARS™ hands, graphite 0° C-hubs for optimal flex faculties, hard suspension system system block, ARS™ suspension system system block, and ARS™ linkage linking the master towards the suspension system system system block
  • ARS™ linkage angle – adjusted by adding/removing shims on steering block and ARS™-holder – improvements the toe-in traits regarding the straight back tires during framework roll
  • Aluminum suspension system system system holders featuring integral Suspension system system Settings (ISS) for fast & simple suspension system system system system geometry adjustment
  • Suspension holders make it possible for more powerful mounting associated with suspension system hands, so that the suspension system system geometry connected with vehicle wont change despite hard crashes
  • Suspension mounting system permits in fact free supply movement, provides greater traction, smoother driving, and improved steering
  • Suspension owner system allows suspension system system system arms become installed separately from bulkheads permitting elongated framework flex to come up with more traction
  • Independent suspension system system system system holders help more accurate and fine set-up customizations via various bushings
  • Rear suspension system aluminum holders work incorporated toe-in
  • C-hubs available optionally in standard caster perspectives (0°, 2°, 4°, 6°); accessible in four hardnesses (M – medium, H – hard, G – graphite and aluminum)
  • difficult front part steering obstructs increase steering effect, decrease front part tire overheating in high-traction conditions
  • Small, robust steering obstructs made from unique proprietary composite product, available optionally in 3 hardnesses (M – medium, H – hard, G – graphite and aluminum), are in possession of 2 Ackermann positions
  • Rear uprights give increased safety; available optionally in 3 hardnesses (M – medium, H – difficult, G - graphite)
  • back uprights work included 0° toe-in to stop suspension system system system geometry alterations in serious crashes
  • Arms work revolutionary SFATM (Suspension system system system system Flex modification), revolutionary and unique graphite stiffeners allow super-quick suspension system system flex modification to effectively adjust the traction the vehicle under various track conditions
  • Suspension fingers work included anti-roll club mounts; straight back hands work 3 different anti-roll club mounts for super-fine modification connected to rear anti-roll bar
  • Suspension hands made from graphite item for improved traction and security concerning the car
  • Anti-roll club system is set up on bulkheads via bearings for extra-smooth movement and maximum accuracy, and component play is eliminated by aluminum bushings
  • Anti-roll club height is adjustable via simple screw adjustment… fast & easy
  • Front 1.4 mm & right back 1.3mm anti-roll club cables included
  • Easily-adjustable wheel offset utilizing optional wheel hubs  (-0.75mm, +0.75mm, +1.5mm)



  • Lightweight center layshaft CNC-machined from aircraft aluminum
  • 84T 48P spur gear  – extra-hard product, wobble-free design
  • 38/20T (1.9) inside gearing for efficient, superior drivetrain
  • Premium-quality drive belts
  • C-hubs with big areas for fast & effortless assembly/disassembly with this CVDs and ECS drive shafts; stops collision of CVD or ECS drive shafts with C‑hub in severe crashes
  • Super-light drive axles
  • Front Extra-Strong ECS drive shafts equalize the price regarding the drive shaft although wheel. With an exceptional 2-piece joint associated with the axle with wheel, any extreme wheel switching angle is split into two shallower perspectives without joint binding. Meaning despite cornering price and wheel angle, the internal wheel wont bind or vibrate. Drive through corners is more stable, more precise, and many more a facile task to drive
  • ECS drive shafts created from world-renowned, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™; hand ground for optimum precision
  • Super-lightweight Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum right back drive shafts (50mm), hard-anodized, color-coated and laser-engraved, 38per cent lighter than standard drive shafts
  • Super-lightweight wheel axles manufactured from premium HUDY Spring Steel™
  • 7075 T6 aluminum wheel hubs
  • Complete musical company of high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings are degreased and extremely carefully oiled for optimum effectiveness, individually handled, chosen, and inspected
  • Aluminum self-locking wheel nuts



  • Super-smooth, super-light maintenance-free composite gear differential
  • Adjustable gear differential tightness via oil viscosity
  • Super-light composite Front Solid Axle with XRAY’s specific smart quick-change outdrive system for effortless outdrive trade; no servicing or replacement of drive shaft blades needed, leads to repaid servicing costs



  • Servo mounting system for enhanced security and eradication of unwelcome tweak
  • Servo mount enables the servo become suspended inside framework centerline, providing better protection while eliminating tweak and permitting extra traction
  • Steering is split from framework flex, ensuring tweak-independent steering for super-precise and constant steering characteristics
  • Servo mount and graphite servo owner are installed on framework with 3 screws and 2 centering articles to remove the opportunity of servo motion under difficult crashes
  • Servo mount includes extra opening in which electric batteries backstop screw are mounted
  • Servo mount includes extra opening for in-line flex modification system



  • Ultra- minimal Profile (ULP) aluminum shocks for even reduced CG and improved stability
  • ULP aluminum shocks finished up being undoubtedly paid off by  4mm comparing to SLP shocks to deliver maximum protection under all track conditions, while reducing traction roll under high-traction conditions and also to result in the vehicle safer to drive
  • Shock shafts are especially hardened for optimum strength
  • Foam inserts for perfect surprise rebound
  • Super brief Shock Springs (4S) developed & designed for the SLP shocks
  • C2.5 springs to the kit to match ULP shocks combined with the springtime expenses happen optimized to make optimum steering and traction
  • XRAY self-developed and produced 4S springs are your self opted for for optimum accuracy, equal size, and equal damping faculties
  • Race-tested and tuned shock positions


Bumper & Body Mounts

  • Front top and paid down composite bumper made out of specially-formulated product to withstand hard impacts
  • Super low-profile foam bumper made from lightweight, high-resilience foam
  • Foam bumper is larger for perfect body fit
  • Foam bumper is manufactured out of strong but lightweight item for improved durability but maintaining the extra weight lower than possible
  • Composite bumper top holder brace lets you reduce framework breakage in hard crashes


Assembly, Set-up, Support

  • Premium 3D full-color recommendations & additional sheets
  • To grasp the set-up possibilities we suggest the recognized HUDY Set-up Book (available for get completely at www.hudy.net) that's full of over 50 pages of top-quality images and easy-to-understand RC automobile set-up explanations
  • Exclusive Virtual online Setup Sheet database with numerous set-up sheets for battle songs through the world
  • Premium, unmatched XRAY on the internet support


Adjustment Possibilities

  • Fully-adjustable front part and straight back suspension system geometry: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width, roll center, wheelbase
  • Adjustable gear differential tightness via oil viscosity
  • Four different top linkage functions over the top bulkhead clamps
  • Roll center height modification via shims on the top bulkhead clamps
  • Adjustable front component and back belt-tension control utilizing quick-adjust system included into bulkheads
  • Front and straight back diff height modification utilizing quick-adjust system included into bulkheads
  • Adjustable HUDY aluminum turnbuckles (steering, front & right back top links, ARS™)
  • Multiple top and paid shock mounting areas at front component and rear
  • Adjustable Ackermann and bump steer
  • Pre-drilled framework areas for optional framework loads in center of chassis
  • Adjustable front part and right back anti-roll bars
  • Chassis pre-drilled holes for fat safety adjustment
  • Adjustable in-line flex system


Remark :
Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some XRAY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 4-6 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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