X12 US Graphite Lower Suspension Arm Right - XRAY 372124  [XR-372124]

XRAY 372124 X12 US Graphite Lower Suspension Arm Right
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XRAY 372124 X12 US Graphite Lower Suspension Arm Right Older Version X Series Parts Vintage Series

Initial RIGHT graphite suspension system system system supply decreases torsional flex the arms in corners on very-high traction songs. XRAY self-designed graphite front suspension system was made designed for high-traction US-style tracks. With a stiffer front part, the car achieves more cornering cost while being simpler to drive and many more constant in high-traction conditions. The graphite arm is manufactured on aluminum articles which are arranged on framework. The master the composite front side top supply mount is established in graphite supply and.
Features smart eccentric aluminum inserts for fast & effortless changes, and track-width set-up to fully adjust to track conditions. Become utilized with LEFT supply #372125. The graphite front suspension system system finished up being effortlessly used by america team, with Eric Anderson winning the united states nationwide Championship title in Stock system.
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Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some XRAY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 4-6 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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