One-way Slipper Clutch Set - XRAY 364101  [XR-364101]

XRAY 364101 - One-way Slipper Clutch Set
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XRAY 364101 One-way Slipper Clutch Set

A total a small number of one-way slipper clutch which included the XB4 kit available furthermore as a whole extra component set. Original Multi-Adjustable Slipper One-way Clutch features 2-in-1 functionality because of the adjustable main slipper clutch and adjustable front side component One-way Slipper to lock-in leading end under acceleration also to adjust slipper off-power maneuvering which influences exactly how effortless the automobile is on landing and under high-speed stopping too prevents traction roll at component entry. The Multi-Adjustable Slipper One-way Clutch pushes the carpeting track performance the XB4 to another level. The clutch features 2-in-1 setup that combines a central slipper clutch with a separately adjustable front side part one-way slipper. The Multi-Adjustable Slipper with 2 pads controls the on-power management of automobile with lots from smooth just as much as aggressive acceleration. Leading one-way slipper features an alternative solution slipper pad to modify the one-way production towards the key driveline. The smart design uses the one-way bearing lock-up under acceleration and primary slipper developing to control energy distribution like an average slipper for optimum traction and acceleration. Off-power, the one-way slipper establishing settings the aggressiveness of advanced braking and simply the way the car reacts on jump landings. Due to the leading component one-way slipper, the car dives less under hefty braking to enhance component entry without risking traction rolls. The one-way also makes the XB4 more forgiving of angled landings whenever about to cause a huge component after a jump.
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