GT 4-shoe Aluminium Clutch - Complete Set - XRAY 358403  [XR-358403]

XRAY 358403 - GT 4-shoe Aluminium Clutch - Complete Set
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XRAY 358403 GT 4-shoe Aluminium Clutch Complete Set

Complete musical organization of 4-shoe aluminum clutch system includes flywheel, graphite clutch footwear, medium clutch springtime, construction screws, flywheel collar, flywheel nut and force sleeve. Improves clutch bell engagement for better engine effect and improves throttle feel. The 4-shoe clutch design allows for super-easy clutch developing from soft to hard environment, each appropriate different track conditions and sporting design. The 4-shoe clutch features smaller, lighter inside elements, along with the design allows more balanced clutch bell engagement compared to the antique 3-shoe design. The clutch environment is tuned utilising the modification nut to control the engagement point as desired.
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