GTX8 Shock Absorbers (2) - XRAY 358106  [XR-358106]

XRAY 358106 GTX8 Shock Absorbers (2)
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XRAY 358106 GTX8 Shock Absorbe2

Complete elements set for assembling two big-bore shock absorbers for GTX8. GTX8 big-bore shocks have actually really in reality a specific construction that delivers superior reliability and satisfaction. The oversized big-bore shocks work big 18.5mm O.D. surprise systems with outside threading, for fast & easy springtime preload modification via a variable collar. The surprise figures are hardcoated in a titanium color, and show a 1-piece aluminum surprise restriction. Ultra-precise shock pistons work 6-, 8- and 10-hole alternatives. The longer surprise shafts and shock collar combine to give increased downtravel. Ultra-fine shock protective rubbers give superior sealing against dirt.
The big 16mm I.D. shock systems guarantee appropriate & constant surprise oil motion through perfectly-round pistons since they travel into the smoothly-finished inside. The outcome is more constant damping faculties. The big-bore pistons are molded from tough, durable Delrin® product to supply smoother action and durability. The precision molding procedure guarantees perfect piston roundness after manufacturing, so that they move effectively into the surprise figures for identical action in virtually every shocks. The specially-formulated soft-rubber shock membrane layer layer layer layer guarantees equal damping faculties right from the start with this specific competition towards end, despite extreme procedure. The paid down surprise construction means the surprise pole goes actually effectively into the surprise human anatomy, while minimizing oil leakage and maintaining dirt away. Two shock O-rings – made of an excellent silicone substance enabling ultra-free movement through the surprise pole while but keeping good seal – are setup towards the low area of the surprise human anatomy and they are besides usually fully guaranteed with composite shims. The whole repaid shock installation is guaranteed utilizing the reduced aluminum shock restriction, enabling fast & easy assembly/disassembly. Thick, robust shock shafts handle any abusive battle conditions and big jumps. The 3.5mm-thick surprise shafts are precisely machined from unique high-tensile metal, and afterwards are ground and refined to a super-smooth finish to make sure smooth motion. Springs don't ever included.
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