XB2'22/Xt2'22 Aluminium Chassis With Bent Sides - Swiss 7075 T6 - 2.5mm - Long - XRAY 321113  [XR-321113]

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XRAY 321113 XB2'22/Xt2'22 Aluminium With Bent Sides Swiss 7075 T6 2.5mm Long

Aluminum framework created from custom-produced 2.5mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. The initial longer design with curved sides really helps to make certain that different facets of chassis have actually actually in reality actually the proper flex - either rigid or soft - to decrease the CG. The accuracy milling allows the framework become stiff adequate to perform properly without risk of bending. The flex of front an element of the framework increases reactivity and a lot more area the electronic devices. Two sets of mounting holes enable producing the optional framework fat or products dinner for easier upkeep and fat safety changes. An enormous component the primary framework finished up being paid off allowing mounting the suspension system system owner right to the gearbox besides the framework supper CNC-machined from top-notch 2.5mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, the framework is lightweight without impacting power or rigidity, which is additionally black colored colored colored colored coated at XRAY's own in-house fully-robotic layer line. XRAY in addition provides choice standard framework (#321112) and brief framework (#321114)
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