308308-O ULP Aluminum Shock Absorber - Set - Orange (2) XRAY  [XR-308308-O]

XRAY 308308-O ULP Aluminum Shock Absorber - Set - Orange (2)
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XRAY 308308-O ULP Aluminum Shock Absorber Set Orange 2 Older Version T Series Parts Vintage Series

ULP shocks developed to cut back the CG linked to automobile more towards absolute lowest to enhance protection. With ULP shocks the T4 stays flatter, which makes it safer to push in chicanes and making it more resistant to traction rolling, permitting one to carry more price through high-traction sweepers. Steering reaction and cornering rate are dramatically improved besides.

With a good design, your whole collection of present XRAY SLP springs doubles inside amazing ULP shocks, to assist you nevertheless make use of the entire range of springs from previous T4 automobiles.

The XRAY aluminum shock absorbers include most of the necessary elements generate one few shocks (2 shocks). Springs and shock oil aren't included and really should be purchased individually.
Remark :
Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some XRAY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 4-6 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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