T4'18 Graphite Chassis 2.2mm - XRAY 301145  [XR-301145]

XRAY 301145 T4\'18 Graphite Chassis 2.2mm
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XRAY 301145 T4'18 Graphite 2.2mm T4 2018 Specs (300024) T4 Series

The 2.2mm dense framework is CNC-machined from premium-grade graphite product. The framework features pre-drilled holes for optional elements especially chassis lots, graphite motor guard, graphite adjustable battery pack owner, and electric batteries strap.

The T4’18 framework completed up being redesigned to complement the motor mount meal that additional jobs for flex modification for super-fine flex tuning. A big component flex point functions enhance traction concerning the vehicle.

The cutouts the engine finished up being positively modified to get results alongside the engine mount allows the motor to have 1mm more toward center.

The ultra-narrow framework is 86mm wide and some framework flex alterations creates exceptional traction and exemplary steering faculties.

fat circulation and protection faculties have now been all primary design factors while engineering the present automobile allowing the additional fat become relocated since close that one can on framework centerline to keep up optimal stability.
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