X4F Graphite Upper Deck - Split Rear - 2.0mm - XRAY 301076  [XR-301076]

XRAY 301076 - X4F Graphite Upper Deck - Split Rear - 2.0mm
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XRAY 301076 X4F Graphite Upper Deck Split Rear 2.0mm

Rear some the split top deck. The split (2 piece) top deck is advised primarily for asphalt tracks. The graphite top deck features milled holes for unique tweak-free top deck screws. The most effective deck provides more steering response, and many other things on power steering. The flex function varies versus kit top deck, and the 2 pieces allows more flex choices, which can be modified independently between your front side and backside. Machined from 2.0mm graphite item, the sort of this top deck was at reality particularly made to achieve maximum traction and great steering faculties at precisely the same time. The greatest deck could be for this motor mount making use of these choices: 1.) smooth developing - one straight back screw is needed. This permits optimum flex and optimum steering. Nevertheless the vehicle is less stable on-power. 2.) rigid environment - Both screws are used. This environment provides reduced flex both ahead and back. Mid-corner steering is repaid, rotation is paid off. This environment provides maximum security and makes the vehicle easier to drive. Fits X4F.
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