XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit - Tamiya 58738  [58738]

Tamiya 58738 - XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit
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alt="Tamiya 58738 - XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit" title="Tamiya 58738 - XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit"
alt="Tamiya 58738 - XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit" title="Tamiya 58738 - XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit"
alt="Tamiya 58738 - XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit" title="Tamiya 58738 - XM-01 Pro Chassis Kit"
Tamiya 58738 XM-01 Pro Kit On-Road M-Chassis Cars

Pro specification degree R/C rally driving now involves our M-Chassis size automobile offerings! This shaft-driven 4WD framework installation kit (M-chassis size) features three types of wheelbases, unique suspension system system system elements and a polycarbonate framework target. Simply select your chosen Tamiya M-chassis size rally human body for that reason're ready to undertake dust!

Key framework features

• includes two 39T differential gears and another 40T differential gear for modification of front component and straight back drive security.
• usage 39T gear (w/15T gear) on front side and 40T gear (w/15T gear) on straight back for drive security bias to front and vice-versa for drive stability bias to rear.
• Features a longitudinal upright battery power spot inside center-left for maximum security.
• Front bumper with skid angle plays one factor in paid down area contact.
• Aluminum dampers included.
• M-Chassis 11-spoke race tires (product 51394) are and 60D rally block tires (Item 51427).
• Front and straight back universal drive shafts included for maximum drive effectiveness.
• perfect for center diff setup and independently provided slipper clutch.
• choose Hop-Up choice elements the XV-02 PRO framework kit can be utilized utilising the XM-01.
• Low-profile servo is preferred. (Standard size servo may be employed, nonetheless it satisfies leading in polycarbonate target.)
• needed to complete: 2-channel radio, low-profile servo, ESC, 540 size engine, M-chassis size body, 7.2-7.4volt battery with suitable charger.

  • Adjustable Gear Ratio : Yes
  • Bearings : Includes complete ball bearings
  • Chassis Material : FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
  • Chassis Type : XM-01
  • Construction Type : Assembly Kit
  • Differential Type : Gear Oil-Filled Type
  • Drive Type : 4WD
  • Electronic Speed Control (esc) : available Separately
  • motor : Sold Separately
  • Scale : M-Chassis Size
  • Shock Damper : Oil-filled damper
  • Suspension : completely Independent Double Wishbone
  • Terrain usage : Multi-Purpose

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