1/10 Hotshot II (2024) W/O ESC - Tamiya 58737-60A  [58737-60A]

Tamiya 58737-60A - 1/10 Hotshot II (2024) W/O ESC
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alt="Tamiya 58737-60A - 1/10 Hotshot II (2024) W/O ESC" title="Tamiya 58737-60A - 1/10 Hotshot II (2024) W/O ESC"
alt="Tamiya 58737-60A - 1/10 Hotshot II (2024) W/O ESC" title="Tamiya 58737-60A - 1/10 Hotshot II (2024) W/O ESC"
Tamiya 58737-60A Hotshot II 2024 W/O ESC 4WD Off-Road Buggy

This may be an updated sort of the 4WD buggy Hotshot II, initial which has been released in 1987, after Tamiya’s 1st 4WD buggy (Item 58047) Hotshot released in 1985 and (product 58054) Supershot released in 1986. The Hotshot II ended up being a lightweight design as a result of utilizing artificial elements.

• 1/10 scale R/C model construction kit. Length: 390mm, width: 235mm, height: 160mm.

• The shaft-driven 4WD provides price and protection off road, and through corners.

• The 4-wheel split double wishbone suspension system system system employs CVA oil dampers (II) (one for front component and two for rear) with a front component stabilizer to help get the most right out of the 4-wheel drive system.

• our body and straight back wing are lightweight polycarbonate (0.7mm dense) and use a color scheme featuring orange lines on a black colored colored colored base. The polycarbonate human anatomy is pre-cut and pre-painted in black colored colored colored.

• Gearboxes are sealed to hold along dust and sand and contain differentials for smooth cornering.

• parts particularly ABS monocoque framework and suspension system system system fingers function strengthened synthetic for high durability.

• Semi-pneumatic oval block / pin rise hybrid tires are along side large-diameter one-piece nylon wheel.

• Includes updated stickers.

• Includes 540-brushed engine.

• needed to complete: 2-channel radio, steering servo, ESC, 7.2volt battery power with appropriate charger, and Tamiya PS paint.

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