1/10 RC Egress (2013) - Tamiya 58583  [58583]

Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)



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alt="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)" title="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)"
alt="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)" title="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)"
alt="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)" title="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)"
alt="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)" title="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)"
alt="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)" title="Tamiya 58583 - 1/10 RC Egress (2013)"
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Tamiya 58583 Egress 2013 4WD is classified under AWD Electric Powered Off-Road Buggy assembly kit 1/10 scale
  • This could be a re-release from iconic Egress 4WD down road rushing buggy. The Egress first starred in 1989. It ended up a follow up kit on Avante, which had a huge fan after. Initial Egress showcased stacks of special sporting elements. The Egress (2013) develops upon the racy classic of similar name, including modern elements create it totally current with available battery power and motor technologies easily obtainable in the pastime market today.
  • As growth of great car Avante, and dominated the primary subject of high-end off road scene in those days!
    Rushing buggy specific long-awaited “Egress 4WD” is reprinted finally!
  • Engine shaft vertically crossed the movement of the greatest vehicles Avante starred in 1989 “Egress 4WD” used drive 4WD. Carbon dual deck framework, that is lengthy wheel base of the base and around, became a resin big ability high restriction aluminum damper, made out of cent over torque splitter differential towards drive system, then when Avante development group in the duration in JMRCA All Japan Championship, that has been held equivalent year is manufactured, such as winning four the (Tamiya rushing Factory) TRF simply, showing the high ability directly below.
  • Said to have been already the utmost effective rushing 4WD Buggy Tamiya you start with Avante “Egress 4WD” will finally resurrection. Long wheelbase carbon framework to lessen deck on the basis of the Avante including time low center of gravity by mounting the servo. Upper adopting the carbon meal trying to cut fully out all, Roadekki, the center hybrid studded tires, high-capacity torque splitter def, in light-weight wheel finished up being also made with high limit damper, oahu will be the model that Avante has developed ultimate correctly.
    The hit on re-appearance of time frame, we been made out of the newest ball differential, a universal joint.

Specs and Features:

  • Scale : 1/10
  • Construction type : construction kit
  • Terrain use : down road
  • Drive-train : 4WD
  • Drive sort : shaft
  • Drive line : universal
  • Differential type : ball force dish
  • Suspension : completely split twin wishbone
  • Steering unit : bell-crank
  • Shock damper : oil-filled damper
  • Shock damper product : aluminum
  • Tire type : plastic
  • Tire tread : pin increase
  • Body item : Polycarbonate
  • Chassis item : carbon fiber plate
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included
  • ESC model : n/a
  • LED Light buckets : no
  • Light-emitting Diode lights : no
  • Motor : not included
  • Bearings : shielded ball bearing
  • Adjustable camber : yes
  • Adjustable toe perspectives : front component just
  • Adjustable ground approval : yes
  • Adjustable gear ratio : yes
  • Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
  • Adjustable track width : fixed
  • Adjustable surprise angle : yes
  • Special function 1 : Length: 430mm, Width: 243mm, Height: 157mm.
  • distinctive function 2 : Features some carbon fiber-reinforced elements especially upper/lower decks & main torque-splitter diff.
  • Special feature 3 : Lightweight tires are fitted with hybrid enhance tires.
  • Special function 4 : Newly-designed elements including ball differentials and universal bones give smooth power transfer.
  • Special function 5 : lengthy wheelbase carbon fiber-reinforced framework is equipped with center one-way.
  • Requires A : 7.2 battery power & charger
  • Requires B : 2-channel radio gear & electronic rate control
  • Requires C : polycarbonate paint
  • Needs D : engine


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8 Reviews

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