1/10 RC Toyota MR-S Racing (TA04-SS) - Tamiya 58290  [58290]

Tamiya 58290 - 1/10 RC Toyota MR-S Racing (TA04-SS)
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Tamiya 58290 Toyota MR-S Racing TA04-SS is classified under AWD Electric Powered On-Road Touring Cars assembly kit 1/10 scale

Towards Toyota MR-S Racing

The Toyota MR-S made its initial for sale in October 99 as a Mid Ship 2-Seat low driver. Having its agility and high traction abilities, this fine changed unit has excelled within the Japanese GT Championship. Tamiya is proud presenting the R/C reproduction making use of this hard top racer Toyota MR-S featuring projecting front side and straight back fenders and oversized straight back wing.
Fast Wheelbase TA04-SS Chassis
The TA04-SS framework is developed from TA04-S framework and features a shortened wheel base with specifically designed suspension system system arms. The wheel base is repaid 10mm to produce sharper turn capability. The agility of TA04-SS offers you real R/C excitement.


  • Chassis Type: TA04-SS
  • Scale: 1/10
  • General Length: 404mm
  • General Width: 189mm
  • General Height: 117mm
  • Minimal Clearance: 8mm
  • Body fat completely prepared: 1,630g (including TP-S3003 servo, CPR item, RC2400SP battery pack)
  • Tread (f/r): 162/162mm
  • Chassis Material: top deck/Polycarbonate paid down deck/ABS resin
  • Chassis kind: Resin kind twin deck
  • Steering Tie Rods: split in three sections
  • Suspension (front component and right back): twin wishbone
  • Caster Angle (f/r): 10deg/2deg
  • Toe Angle (f/r): 0deg(variable)/2deg
  • Dampers (f/r): CVA Mini II dampers
  • Drivetrain: gear driven midship full-time 4WD
  • Diff gear system (f/r): 3 bevel differential
  • Gear Ratio: 7.08:1(kit standard)
  • Ball Bearings: complete ball bearings (24 atlanta divorce attorneys)
  • Speed Controller: electronic cost controller
  • Tire width/diameter F/R: 27mm/65mm
  • Tread pattern (f/r): rushing sleek tires

Needed Products (Available independently)

  • 540 engine
  • R/C item: Adspec GT-I or FET 2-channel R/C product with electronic rate control
  • Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or 7.2V Advance Pack.

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