1/10 RC 4WD Raybrig NSX 2000 Kit (TB-01) - Tamiya 58262  [58262]

Tamiya 58262 - 1/10 RC 4WD Raybrig NSX 2000 Kit  (TB-01)



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Tamiya 58262 4WD Raybrig NSX 2000 Kit TB-01 is classified under AWD Electric Powered On-Road Touring Cars assembly kit 1/10 scale

NSX racers are dominating the 2000 Japanese GT Championships (JGTC). Inside team, the most used Raybrig NSX devices are displaying a blue and gunmetal human body. Kit replicates the attractive car with competitive electric TB-01 framework. This TB-01 is good for On program rushing and features lightweight elements including drive train.

Longitudinally mounted motor/Shaft drive 4WD Chassis Kit incorporates TB-01 Chassis which does exceptionally efficient power transfer by longitudinally motor mounting and shaft drive 4WD. The tough framework is made up of bathing tub kind main framework and top framework. Another function is its low center of gravity by the flat mounting of RC system and battery pack. This framework is vital in stable running.

4 Wheel Independent Suspension with Oil Dampers Double wishbone suspension system adopts oil dampers for smooth effect moderation. Kit is sold with one piece, 6 chatted tires and pneumatic slick tires.

Lightweight Elements For better on-road performance, model includes newly developed aluminum propeller shaft and lightweight musical business gears. Because of these improvements, the framework car weighs 130g lighter set alongside the initial rally variation, ideal for the RC Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI WRC.

Aerodynamic and Realistic Body The sleek body is replicated with polycarbonate. It truly is aerodynamically sensible much like its initial counterpart. With sponsor markings, kit includes blue and gunmetal stickers to simply help relieve the artwork applying this human anatomy.

number of Hop-up Optional Parts it is important to tune your product to many various courses. A diversity of hop-up choices and additional elements are about for TB-01 framework.

Model requires

  • General Length: 434mm
  • fundamental Width: 194mm
  • General Height: 120mm
  • fat completely prepared: 1,640g (including TP-S3003 Servo, CPR device and RC2400SP Battery)
  • Wheelbase: 257mm
  • Tread (front/rear): 155/164mm
  • Chassis Material: ABS
  • Chassis Type: Bathtub Frame
  • Steering Tie Rods: three components
  • Suspension system: front side and right back twin wishbone
  • Caster Angle (front/rear):10�/0�
  • Camber Angle (front/rear): adjustable
  • Toe Angle (front/rear): variable/2�
  • Dampers (front/rear): CVA oil dampers
  • Drive Train: shaft drive 4WD with longitudinally mounted engine
  • Gear Ratio: 7.94:1(9.91- 5.72)
  • Diff. Gear System: front part and right back 3 bevel gear differentials
  • Speed Controller: technical rate controller included
  • Tire Width (front component and rear): 27mm
  • Tire Diameter (front/rear): 65mm
  • Tread Pattern (front side component and back): battle slick
  • 540 type motor included

required products (separately Available)

  • RC System:Adspec GT-II (standard system to be used with kit included technical price controller),or Adspec GT-I (which includes electronic rate controller), or comparable 2-channel RC system.
  • Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack

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