1/10 RC Raybrig NSX 99 - TA03R - Tamiya 58254  [58254]

Tamiya 58254 - 1/10 RC Raybrig NSX 99 - TA03R
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About the Raybrig NSX

At the end of 1998 All Japan GT Championships, four Honda NSX cars displayed overwhelming speed over their rivals. In the preliminary heats, one of the NSX cars invariably took the pole-position. Also, in both the opening race and the 4th preliminary heat, the NSX cars swept 1st through 3rd position.

Although the All Japan GT Championships mainly features cars advantaged by powerful turbo engines, the NSX, as the flagship for Honda, uses a naturally aspirated engine mounted on the widely marketed NSX base chassis. Furthermore, the NSX, with high traction at the midship as well as a centrally located fuel tank, guarantees continuous, stable control despite changing fuel levels. Taking advantage of these factors, the chassis was developed with high cornering speed as the major theme. Equipped with a roll cage, and a carbon-fiber covered floor, the Raybrig NSX, when compared to the widely marketed Honda NSX, has 6 - 7 times the structural reinforcement. The Raybrig NSX is equipped with double wishbone suspension and an inboard type damper unit. Of course, through wind-tunnel test, the body has been given a winning, aerodynamic form.

With a 3.5L-V6 engine tuned by MUGEN, the Raybrig NSX pumps out 459hp. In addition to achieving a pole-position in both the 4th round of the Fuji Circuit and the opening race of the Suzuka circuit, the Raybrig NSX got the checkered flag in the 6th round of the Mine circuit.

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