1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit - Tamiya 57059  [57059]

Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit
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alt="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit" title="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit"
alt="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit" title="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit"
alt="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit" title="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit"
alt="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit" title="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit"
alt="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit" title="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit"
alt="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit" title="Tamiya 57059 - 1/10 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit"
Tamiya 57059 R/C Ford F-350 High-Lift Full Operation Kit is classified under AWD Off-Road Trucks assembly kit 1/10 scale

Electrical R/C setup kit of 1 among numerous acutely representative usa pick-up cars, the Ford F-350. The model features practical ladder framework, 3-speed transmission and shaft drive 4WD system. Really step-by-step injection molded body and large diameter tires increase the fashionable high-ground-clearance look. Initial marking stickers improve the truck's fundamental realism.


  • Sufficient steel components especially ladder framework, under guard, front component guard, leaf springs and aluminum friction dampers are included.
  • Roll club, road light, front grille, front/rear bumper, side-step, diff guard, tires and muffler function metal-plated finish.

ADD Light-emitting Diode LIGHTING (SOLD SEPERATELY) usage Multi-Function device to depict performing headlights, end lights and acquire club lights also to do have more amazing realism.

MULTI FUNCTION DEVICE This Multi Function item brings more satisfaction towards procedure concerning the R/C Ford F350. Featuring practical sound clips recorded from genuine vehicles, controllable Light-emitting Diode lights alongside movement results, this system will somewhat expand the potential of one's Ford F350.

LADDER FRAME Durable and practical ladder framework includes steel channel and resin cross individual.

PROPELLER SHAFTS F/R propeller shafts work universal joint to efficiently go energy in the case suspension system system system is updating and down.


  • Battery held in low spot for exemplary fat balance and safety.
  • Comfortable access owner enables operating battery pack become exchanged with no elimination of human body.


  • 4 wheel steering is enabled by adding kit supplied back once again axle anxiety pole.
  • 4-wheel steering allows besides tighter switching radius, perfect whenever making use of car in or in limited space.


  • Newly created monster car tires function lug pattern suited to driving on rough areas.
  • Apply concrete to tires and tires whenever working on rough landscapes.
  • Exhausted wheel hubs can be changed with #53056 Pin type Wheel Adapter.


Newly created 3-speed transmission provides
smooth good deal running, and allows gear
changing while running.

Minimal gear > 2nd gear > Top gear
1:64.39 > 1:35.20 > 1:21.14


Includes slipper clutch as standard element of protect
gears during tough off road running

DIFFERENTIAL GEAR Durable resin gear situation with vital die-cast differential gear.


  • Differential lock, necessary for driving on rough roadways, are merely enabled by reducing F/R diff instance covers and having decrease screw pins.
  • Through differential lock, drive energy is delivered even yet in the big event tires utilizing one part aren't grounded.

LEAF SPRING SUSPENSION F/R suspension system system with friction dampers enables tension modification by changing wide range of leaf springs.


  • Features red anodized aluminum cylinder. Damping impact is modified if you use individually available Friction Damper Grease and including o-rings. Choose ahead of ground conditions and leaf springtime amount.
  • Standard: normal working standard settings.
  • Soft: low-speed, high hold operating usage 2 leaf springs and adjust anxiety utilizing damper oil (soft) #53174.
  • Tricky: stable and high-speed running usage 5 leaf springs and use damper oil (medium) #53175 or (hard) #53176.


  • Kit includes a whole of 42pcs of metal bearings(bushings) (35pcs x 1150, 4pcs x 1260, 2pcs x 850 size steel and 1pc of 1050 size ball bearings).
  • Metal bearings need regular application of oil to keep performance. Independently available ball bearings cannot need this treatment, and they are additionally suggested.


  • This kit was indeed made become utilized simply with pre-supplied sort 540 motor and pinion gear.


  • Requirements 4-channel, 2-servo electronic proportional R/C product with electronic rate controller with adjustable ahead and reverse function.
  • Usage of Futaba Attack 4WD (4ch) or stick nice transmitter with slip trim is preferred to execute gear modification while operating. The Airtronics VG400/600 model radios are capable since they function fall trim and self fundamental control sticks.
  • 2ch R/C item might not be utilized as it cannot shift gears.
  • PCM kind receiver is typically not used as it can certainly cause radio disruption whenever using with independently available Multi Function Device.
  • Make usage of high power sort ESC with reverse function (optimum constant present: ahead 120A, reverse 60A, FET legislation).
  • A high-spec ESC is particularly suggested whenever running on rough area.
  • TEU-302BK Electronic Speed Controller (PRODUCT 45028) is advised.
  • Never to ever be properly used with TEU-101BK Electronic Speed Controller.
  • While standard sort steering servo is sufficient, high torque servo is recommended whenever running on rough landscapes.
  • Utilizing ITEM 50473 Tall Torque Servo Saver White or ITEM 51000 high Torque Servo Saver Ebony will further enhance effectiveness.
  • Prevent little, big or high-speed servo.
  • Tamiya 7.2V running battery power (PRODUCT TA201)
  • Eight R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter.

Battery and broadcast information 1. Any Tamiya 7.2V battery power enables you to power the vehicle. Different milliampere-hour (mAh) values may affect the quantity of operating time enabled by the electric batteries. Including, 7.2V 1400SP power packs should ordinarily enable 10 to 15 moments of running time. But ensure you keep in mind that genuine working time may decrease as a consequence of considerable complete throttle and other high energy running.

2. another 4-channel R/C product (self-neutral stick type transmitter/receiver) is advised for maximum procedure: FUTABA ATTACK 4WD (T4VWD/FP-R114H) The Airtronics VG400/600 model radios is likewise capable simply because they work slide trim and self basic control sticks.

remember that using an R/C device without a self-neutral system may increase difficulty of procedure. Without self-neutraling internet sites (springtime loaded sticks) the operator is held to pay focus on the throttle and steering without the help of self-centering springs, making driving the vehicle harder than it needs become.

4-channel wheel-type transmitters may be employed with ITEM 58372, but defintely won't be in a situation become used with kit saturated in Multi-Function item (become released).

PPM receivers are ideal for usage with this particular kit.
PCM receivers are not suited to kit designed with Multi-Function device.

Other manufacturers' radio control services of 4 or higher systems can be employed, but may not recognize one of the most functioning using this kit.
Recommended making use of comparable R/C device as used in combination with ITEM 56511 Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control

ELECTRIC KITS NEED: (unless promoted one more way above)

  • Broadcast: 2-Channel with servo(s)
  • Battery: 6-cell flat with standard Tamiya connector
  • Charger: AC/DC timed or top for 6-cell battery power
  • Paint: PS for Polycarbonate/TS for ABS
  • Misc. Products: Building and track gear

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