XV-02/TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit OP-2049 - Tamiya 22049  [22049]

Tamiya 22049 - XV-02/TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit OP-2049
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Tamiya 22049 XV-02/TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit OP-2049

That's another gear differential product become used regarding XV-02 and TT-02 framework. Whenever using it towards TT-02 framework, permits anyone to tune the differential action, leading component and back, if you use different viscosity natural oils. When working with it in XV-02, you should employ it not only leading component and back diffs, and as a center oil-filled diff device, which could offer a lot more tuning alternatives!

whenever using due to the fact a center oil-filled diff product, on XV-02 framework, always utilize with Item 22050 (06 Module Spur Gear 70T).

• Differential Joints x2
• Gear Differential Ring Gear (39T) x1
• Bevel Pinion Gear (for 39T gear) x1
• Differential example x1
• Gasket x1
• GV Gears x2
• 2.8x23.4mm Cross Shafts x2
• 2x8mm Countersunk Hex Head Screws x4
• 5mm O-Rings x2
• 5x15.2x0.2mm Shims x2
• 5x7x0.1mm Shims x2
• 3x5x0.1mm Shims x4
• 1280 Ball Bearings x2
• Silicone Oil #3000
• befitting XV-02 and TT-02 framework automobiles.

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