1/6 Honda Magna 50 - Tamiya 16028  [16028]

Tamiya 16028 - 1/6 Honda Magna 50



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Tamiya 16028 Honda Magna 50 Motorcycles Vehicles assembly kit 1/6 scale
50cc class motor bikes and scooters boast of a great deal of popularity all over the world. They are affordable in price, readily available, simple and inexpensive to maintain, and the license to own and operate one is usually considerably easier to obtain. In the Japanese market, about 80% of all motorcylcles/scooters on the road are in the 50cc class. Not just the utility commuters, but a wide range of sports and leisure models in this displacement is offered to the riding public.

In 1995, Honda Motor Corporation of Japan, unveiled to the public a totally new 50cc bike, the Magna 50. With its low and massive "American" type styling and high quality custom finish that goes beyond current standards of the class, the Magna 40 immediately gathered the attention of Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts. In 1994, Honda released their V-Twin Magna 250cc bike which enjoyed great success. The Magna 50 was designed and developed with the intention of expanding this smaller class to gain further popularity with the public. The backbone of the Magna 50 is a very sturdy double cradle frame. The 49cc displacement, air-cooled 4 cycle OHV single cylinder powerplant is derived from Honda&39;s best selling utility scooter, the Super Cub.

This extremely reliable engine produces plenty of torque at low RPM&39;s and smoothly revs up to its high range. An electric starter is installed for quick and easy starting. The excellent fuel consumption rate of this powerplant, together with the large capacity 8 liter fuel tank gives the Magna 50 outstanding range and the capability for long distance cruising. The suspension system consists of front telescopic forks and a rear swing arm damped by a pair of quality shock absorbers. Chunky tires are matched to front 16 inch and rear 12 inch wheels of brilliant, chrome plated finish.

The front wheel is Honda&39;s popular "Comster" type, which uses pressed aluminum members for spokes. This type of wheel is said to have both the cast wheel&39;s rigidity and the spoked wheel&39;s light weight. A single pod caliper disk brake is fitted a the front, providing positive stopping power. High quality plated components are used all around, such as the headlight housing, air cleaner case, speedometer/fuel lid mount on the fuel tank, exhaust and muffler, and even the chain cover. The short, but large diameter muffler is dubbed as the "Shot-gun" type, which pleases the eyes and ears with its looks and sounds. The massively contoured fuel tank, fenders and side covers are finished in a black, silver of yellow body colors. A thick saddle seat provides riding comfort during cruising. With its unmatched high quality in every respect, Honda&39;s Magna 50 surpasses the ordinary image for a 50cc motorcycle and has established a class of its own.

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