1/6 Honda CB750F Kit - CF620 - Tamiya 16020  [16020]

Tamiya 16020 - 1/6 Honda CB750F Kit - CF620



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Tamiya 16020 Honda CB750F Kit CF620 Motorcycles Vehicles assembly kit 1/6 scale

About the Honda CB750F

The Honda CB750F Motorcycle first appeared on the Japanese market in June 1979 and was shortly the best seller in the 750 motorcycle class. Just ten years prior to their CB750F, Honda opened the field of multi-cylinder, large-bore bikes with the now famous four cylinder CB750. Honda had extensively tested the multi-cylinder concept and won several Grand Prix motorcycle races, and the CB750 was based upon these experiences. The engines worked flawlessly and provided very smooth power with almost no vibration, and so shocked the industry, that soon many of the famous makers also produced four cylinder large cubic motorcycles. Honda, of course, held the number one position in sales for many years, but then Kawasaki released their "Z" series DOHC 750 bikes, and took over the number one position, relegating Honda to 2nd place. Honda, however, did not take this set back for long, and continued to improve their engines, and in 1979 released a CB 750K DOHC with four valves per cylinder, a powerful 68hp, and completely new body styling. It was not long before Honda was again number one! The CB750F, released in June 1979 was styled after the very popular European Honda CB900F, which had been copied from their racing RCB bike. This styling was new to stock motorcycles of the world. The low positioned handle bars and rear positioned foot rests, allow a "slouched" riding position and this style is what set the standard for the eighties.
The CB750F is powered by a 4 cylinder DOHC 748cc engine with 4 valves per cylinder, and the 1981 version produces 70 brake horsepower. The bike has a double cradle frame of welded steel tubing, 37mm air front forks with equalizer and 30 way adjustable rear shocks with variable hydraulic dampening. It is equipped with a maintenance-free transistorized pointless inductive ignition system and braking is accomplished with a dual caliper double disc front brake and a large single disc at the rear. A newly designed racing type front fender with spoiler has proved to be very effective and popular among bike enthusiasts. The overall styling of that unveiled in 1979, with the smooth flowing lines from tank to tail light have been retained, and it is likely that this fine motorcycle will keep the Honda Company number one for years to come.


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3 Reviews

excellent service as usual. My only regret, poor stock plastic models AUTO MOTO great model 1 / 6, 1 / 8, 1 / 16, 1 / 18 from Tamiya And if you sell the Fujimi? :) Otherwise, the price of models, although the increased charges are still affordable and
Incredibly fast delivery . All in very good condition .
I received order 13005 in good conditions yesterday, Thank you very much, very nice items you offer (Tamiya is really the best) and nice for me to go shopping in Hong Kong at the other side of the world ! Nice and good service you deliver ! Best Regard

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