1/6 Honda MB50Z Kit - Tamiya 16014  [16014]

Tamiya 16014 - 1/6 Honda MB50Z Kit



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Tamiya 16014 Honda MB50Z Kit Motorcycles Vehicles assembly kit 1/6 scale

The Honda MB50z motorcycle was introduced in 1979 and it immediately became popular for its sporty design style. The 49cc air-cooled 2-stroke single-cylinder engine produced 7hp and was equipped with a bell-shaped combustion chamber to ensure stable combustion through all speeds. The bike featured a unique cross line backbone frame structure as well as Honda&39;s distinctive Com-Star wheels. With its simple construction and sporty mechanism, the MB50z garnered a large fan base during the 1980s. The Tamiya 1/12 scale model is a faithful in every way to the life size subject.

Specs and Features

  • 1/6 scale plastic assembly kit.
  • The simple form of the bike, including the distinctive Com-Star wheels, is accurately reproduced.
  • Coil springs are used on rear dampers to enable rear suspension movement.
  • Synthetic rubber tires with realistic tread pattern included.
  • Vinyl tubing included to depict throttle and brake cables, etc.
  • Steerable front fork/wheel.
  • Decal sheet to match 2 body colors (Red, Black) included.

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