Large Dia. Hard Slicks (White) - Tamiya 15365  [15365]

Tamiya 15365 - Large Dia. Hard Slicks (White)
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Tamiya 15365 Large Dia. Hard Slicks White Tires & Wheels Mini 4WD Spare Parts 2

Providing 2 sets of slick tires which are softer and harder than kit-included Mini 4WD tires. Soft tires are made to improve hold, increasing acceleration capability. Difficult tires are made to decrease hold, increasing cornering ability, plus they are also less susceptible to leap than soft or normal tires. Select tire types to modify device settings, or personalize setup specially using difficult front component and soft back tires. Each set includes 4 tires (2 front side component, 2 back).

*Compatible framework: big diameter tire Mini 4WD professional, Racer Mini, Super Mini, completely Cowled, Aero and Mighty Mini 4WD items.

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