RRS Links Short (2) 4X - Serpent SER401747  [SER401747]

Serpent SER401747 RRS Links Short (2) 4X
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Serpent SER401747 RLinks Short 2 4X

Toward right back using this vehicle the 4X offers the RRS system is standard.

We have been testing utilising the size and put with this specific url and found that a quicker website link produces more back hold. Their is an excellent improvement for racers in modified course and all kinds of forms of types of kinds of motorists inside stock system.

Set contains

  • 2x balljoint-4-5-short
  • 2x ball joint-4-5
  • 2x camberlink-rod-aluminium
  • 2x screw roundhead-allen-m3x6
  • 2x rear-tie rod-holder

Standard proportions are 37,5mm with the inside opening and 42mm with all the outside opening from center to center. This means determined 8,5mm / 13mm determined at in balljoints whenever we reveal it inside the manual.

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