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XRAY 300017 T3 2011 Specs



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alt="XRAY 300017 T3 2011 Specs" title="XRAY 300017 T3 2011 Specs"
alt="XRAY 300017 T3 2011 Specs" title="XRAY 300017 T3 2011 Specs"
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XRAY 300017 T3 2011 Specs is classified under AWD Electric Powered On-Road Touring Cars assembly kit 1/10 scale
The Saga Continues
XRAY sometimes appears when the highest-quality and best-performing touring car available since it arrived concerning the RC automobile scene in 2000. Now with a protracted and distinguished reputation rushing achievements and groundbreaking, award-winning innovations, XRAY is proud to acquire 2011 kind of the T3 platform ¦ a top-quality œno-compromise  engineering marvel designed to spot you in Winners Circle.
Revolution, development, optimization ¦ those is the keyphrases that describe the T1 and T2 platforms brought forward on rushing globe within the last few couple of 10 years, in addition to new T3 carries the interior a lot of the history and battle pedigree to once more increase the standard in addition greater. XRAY analysis & developing along side Factory group have actually actually committed individually to considerable assessment, all inside work to generate towards the customer the most up-to-date development year in year out. The T3 platform is obviously redesigned and improved for 2011, raising the club once again. No extras needed ¦ merely a desire to win. pure DESIGN. pure ADRENALINE. pure RACE. Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy Chief Engineer, XRAY

T3 11 amazing qualities:
All brand new ultra-narrow framework particularly designed for LiPo batteries fresh centrally-positioned double steering system improved cornering rate and increased out-of-corner steering simpler to drive, specially in high-traction conditions Horizontally-oriented servo with servo saver within absolute center of framework Steering is split from framework flex, ensuring tweak-independent steering for super precise and constant steering faculties amazing slim framework design, and horizontal servo placement, produces centralized fat positioning fresh redesigned top deck for twin steering system completed up being particularly shaped to generate more traction, security and steering additional steering seems allow hyperlink with steering system via top deck, making for a stiffer car and minimizing tire overheating on high-traction carpeting tracks New LiPo-specific composite battery holders prevent batteries from relocating crashes XRAY Multi-Flex technology adjusted towards T3 11 top deck design allows flex modification to modify car tightness for particular track conditions new low-profile shock absorber membranes for easier shock dampening adjustment

Main Features:
Based regarding T3 platform, completely appropriate the majority of additional elements and alternative elements suspension system system system owner system permits suspension system system arms become set up separately from diff bulkheads Direct separate suspension system system aluminum holders mounted straight to the framework, allowing for elongated framework flex to make more traction split suspension system system system system holders enable more precise and fine set-up modifications via different-thickness shims motor mount purpose-designed for brushless engines, putting the motor 3mm more towards the centerline straight back suspension system holders put towards the centerline results in narrower rear track-width and plenty of other pursuits right back traction back aluminum back suspension system system system holders work included toe-in 1-piece top deck features layshaft composite holders permitting the most effective deck be installed towards right back bulkheads individually from main layshaft bulkheads motor owner links the motor mount bulkhead towards center of framework, as a result of this transferring the flex aftereffect of the engine mount inside absolute centerline the framework Layshaft bulkheads are independently installed from top deck for better flex modification 38/20T (1.9) inside gearing for improved drivetrain effectiveness and satisfaction Eccentric front part side and right back get center holders with a growth of inside camber hyperlink jobs for better security and handling up-to-date front side steering obstructs provide increased steering angle to acquire extra steering and greater cornering costs Lightweight black-anodized Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum turnbuckles Super-lightweight Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum right back drive shafts, hard-anodized, colorcoated and laser-engraved, 38percent lighter than standard drive shafts Super-light drive axles with 35percent less rotating mass
Orange-anodized aluminum elements for stylish and distinctive look reduced sensitiveness to changing track conditions, supplying super-consistent performance during runs Super-smooth adjustable Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum ball-differentials with XRAY Labyrinth Dust Covers Centered layshaft and split bulkheads offer maximum security because of perfect fat blood circulation associated with motor towards centerline, supplying faster left-right transitions Ultra-light bulkheads CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum engine mount bulkhead features the lowest priced priced feasible motor spot, ideal for stock / modified / brushless machines Super-light composite front side Solid Axle with XRAY s certain smart quick-change outdrive system for effortless outdrive trade; no servicing or replacement of drive shaft blades required, plays a role in reduced servicing expenses Specially-optimized drive shaft lengths for rubber-tire battle conditions ; considerably longer 52mm front/rear CVD drive shafts put more towards centerline in diff/solid axle outdrives create more fundamental traction and cause the car safer to work a vehicle on low-traction songs split front part and straight back diff height adjustment; gear anxiety modification both into the front part and right back bulkheads long front component & back suspension system system system system hands for improved traction and easier managing function optimized shock mounting jobs Suspension hands function included anti-roll club mounts; back once more fingers work 3 various anti-roll club mounts for super-fine modification pertaining to back anti-roll club Includes both front and straight back anti-roll pubs (front side part 1.4mm & back 1.2mm) C-hubs with big areas for simple and easy fast assembly/disassembly using this CVDs; stops collision of CVD with C hub in serious crashes (compatible the ECS drive shafts) C-hubs for sale in standard caster perspectives (2°, 4°, 6°); accessible in two hardnesses (M medium, H difficult) back uprights with essential 0° toe-in countertop suspension system system geometry alterations in severe crashes; accessible in two hardnesses (M medium, H hard) Steering obstructs for sale in two hardnesses (M medium, H - hard) Front & back surprise towers machined from premium 3.0mm graphite item, featuring fast Roll Center jobs and optimized surprise absorber functions C2.6 and C3.0 rushing springs 84T 48P spur gear extra-hard item, wobble-free design EFRA, ROAR, FEMCA spec compliant for modified and stock racing

Other Specifications:
XRAY fast Roll-Centers 4 fast roll center alterations inside front part and back Rebuildable front side part CVD drive shafts produced from unique world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring steel ; world s tiniest yet many durable drive shafts are hand ground for optimum precision. Suitable for found in front component for increased durability groundbreaking super-lightweight wheel axles made out of premium HUDY Spring steel Premium-quality drive belts Lightweight center layshaft CNC-machined made from aircraft aluminum Front top and paid composite bumper crafted from unique composite material to withstand hard results Compact front side part side component foam bumper made out of lightweight, high-resilience foam thick 6mm human anatomy articles withstand hard crashes Lower suspension system holders with three various roll center roles provide extra ultra-fine roll center modification via different-thickness shims effectively adjustable inboard toe-in making use of included shims effectively adjustable wheel offset utilizing optional shims or optional offset wheel hubs (-0.75mm, +0.75mm, +1.5mm) 7075 T6 aluminum wheel hubs fast XRAY 4-step externally-adjustable shocks Shock shafts are specifically hardened for optimum power Shock absorber foam inserts for perfect shock rebound XRAY self-developed and manufactured ultimate competition springs are manually selected for optimum accuracy, equal size, and equal damping traits small 4° caster C-blocks from unique composite product, optional 2° and 6° caster obstructs available Small, robust steering obstructs created from unique composite item, featuring 2 Ackermann jobs Complete wide range of high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings are degreased and carefully oiled for optimum effectiveness, separately managed, selected, and inspected Aluminum self-locking wheel peanuts easy to come up with, create, keep, and drive

Adjustment opportunities:
Fully-adjustable front component and right back suspension system system geometry: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width, roll center, wheelbase Adjustable ball differential XRAY fast Roll-Centers Adjustable front side part and back bulkheads with belt-tension control Front and right back diff height modification Adjustable HUDY aluminum turnbuckles (steering, front side & right back upper links) numerous top and paid down surprise mounting places at front component and right back Externally-adjustable battle shocks (4-step) Pre-drilled framework areas for optional framework lots in center of framework Adjustable front component and straight back anti-roll bars

T3 Details:
XRAY T3 Platform
Since the production associated with the 1st T1 in 2000, XRAY is synonymous with quality, workmanship, performance, and luxury inside RC globe. With countless victories and games from across the world including 30x united states of america nationwide Champion, Global Indoor Champion 05- 06- 07- 08- 09, united states Snowbird Champion 04- 05- 06- 07- 08- 09- 10, 3x European Junior Champion and over 200+ nationwide games all over the globe XRAY touring automobiles are getting to be our planet earth s numerous favorite touring vehicle as voted on Reader s solution prizes and plenty of alternate tasks than 12x automobile about the duration honors. In the long run, XRAY s Engineering Department has proceeded its ongoing development, bringing and it a new unique as a type of its touring car platform, constantly superseding and increasing upon its predecessors.

The amazing T3 platform will be the next growth of XRAY s highly-successful touring automobile platform which had its origins inside T1 (introduced in 2000) which means T2 platform (introduced in 2005). Aided by the latest advancements in devices, devices and specifically batteries (bringing this original standard of LiPo batteries), the T3 is purposely created as a brand new modern platform optimized to incorporate and accommodate these unique developing demands. The T3 packages in a number of with this latest elements and services and products supplying assistance towards the car s superior nature to quickly achieve a total side towards highly-competitive spectrum of foam- and rubber-tire racing.

LiPo Optimized
The new T3 11 have already been developed towards the workplace seamlessly with brand-new technology so is created especially for superior LiPo batteries. Every thing across the vehicle ended up being truly optimized and especially created for the utmost effective protection through the vehicle utilising the LiPo batteries.

New Chassis
The T3 11 features an all-new framework specifically designed for LiPo batteries. From all framework available, the T3 11 framework has all devices spend the centerline to make the T3 11 the best-balanced electric touring car. The framework is 94mm wide and features pre-drilled holes for optional main framework lots. Chassis is machined from high-grade 2.5mm graphite material.

New Double Steering System
The brand new double steering system is brand new for XRAY electric touring automobiles. The double steering system is supported by 6 ball bearings and runs on aluminum really stands. Ackermann is effortlessly modified by putting shims in regards to the steering meal and steering rods. The most up-to-date steering system features a substandard mounting location for steering linkage rendering the car handle easier entering corners. Management is effectively modified for a great deal more attack by placing a shim concerning the steering block and steering rods.

Horizontal Servo Position
The smart top desk and twin steering system design permits the servo become invest a horizontal orientation through the entire framework. This enables for an even more centered maintaining electronic devices in automobile, and acquiring the servo saver through the framework.

Servo Saver
The T3 11 features an excellent servo saver destination ; inside absolute center the framework. The servo saver consist of 3 springs making the servo saver strong adequate to avoid extreme steering deflection from impacts, during addition being versatile adequate to prevent servo harm in hard crashes. The servo saver has interchangable bushings to check top servos available.

Flex-free Steering
The T3 11 steering is split of framework flex because of the fixed mounting the aluminum actually seems, being split from framework flex. This creates flex-free steering which to be constantly exceptionally accurate and keeps the car under total control on an average basis.

Extra Steering Stands
To improve the tightness of automobile, additional (included) aluminum actually seems can be put up regarding the steering appears and top deck. This may make the car stiffer and plays a component in less turn-in steering, while at precisely the same time makes the automobile better to drive in high-grip conditions.

New Top Deck
The top deck is incredibly redesigned to fit many up-to-date LiPo framework design combined with brand-new twin steering system. The right execution towards top deck is actually specifically made to achieve maximum steering, traction, and cornering cost. The utmost effective deck is machined from high-grade 2.0mm graphite and features XRAY Multi-Flex technology modification functions. An optional gear tensioner could be create toward top deck.

Composite Battery Holders
All-new battery holders are manufactured specifically for LiPo batteries, and so are additionally strengthened for greater outcomes. The battery pack holders stop the batteries from going under battle conditions and crashes.

Low-profile Shock Membrane
The T3 11 features all-new low-profile surprise membranes and surprise foams which permit easier shock rebound modification. The most recent low-profile membranes is required with low-profile shock foams, which can fit any XRAY shocks.

With today's trend of high development within the electric motor and battery power organizations, the drivetrain is optimized to work efficiently with preferred products stock, modified, and brushless. Thus the T3 comes with 38T diff pulleys and big 20T center layshaft pulleys.

T2 & T3 compatibility
The T3 11 is completed regarding T3 platform alongside T2 platform, thin many free elements and choice elements are entirely appropriate. Consequently, generally speaking XRAY motorists might utilize many their T2 or T3 free components and choice elements on brand-new T3 11.
Drive Shaft Lengths
When it comes down down down to high-competition design, the transfer of ability towards the tires is extremely important so the T3 11 utilizes maximum drive shaft lengths. For rubber-tire competition utilizing larger-diameter artificial tires, longer 52mm drive shafts are used to allow the drive shafts become placed more towards the automobile centerline in-front component diff/solid axle outdrives. This creates more fundamental traction and makes the car safer to push on low-traction songs. For foam-tire competition making use of smaller-diameter foam tires, optional 50mm drive shafts can be used following foam tires have actually really in fact generally greater traction than plastic tires and therefore the reduced drive shafts give maximum torque transfer towards the tires. Drive shafts could possibly be exchanged; so 52mm shafts works extremely well for foam-tire battle or 50mm shafts can be utilized for rubber-tires rushing. The drive shafts could be combined and, consequently 52mm shafts can be utilized ahead while 50mm shafts works very well in rear (and vice-versa) dependent on track conditions.

Super-lightweight Drive Axles
To reduce rotating fat, the T3 11 features super-lightweight wheel axles that may have the external lining diameter especially ground to eradicate the item while keeping comparable power as a result of the utilization of HUDY Spring steel product. The lightweight drive axles decrease rotating mass around 35per cent when compared with regular drive axles.

Rear Drive Shafts
The T3 11 features lightweight aluminum drive shafts machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6, hard-anodized and black colored colored colored coated for trendy look. The aluminum drive shafts was in reality made for based in the backside, including exist both in lengths designed for artificial and foam-racing. To maximise durability and security during runs (and to better withstand hard crashes), super strong HUDY Spring steel drive shafts can be utilized in front end end in regards to the car.

HUDY Spring steel CVDs
T3 constant velocity drives (CVDs) are totally made from unique world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring steel . The T3 drive shafts will be the globe s tiniest yet numerous durable drive shafts within electric touring cars. The drive shafts are strategically lightened commence to begin to start out to begin to see the hollow end connected with dog bone tissue tissue to ensure the cheapest feasible fat without compromising energy or durability. These specially-lightened drive shafts can only be produced of unique HUDY Spring steel that is developed for extreme competition conditions. The drive shafts happen additionally hand-ground for optimum precision and to offer real rotation and unbinding drivetrain operation.

Lightweight Composite XRAY Solid Axle
Rotating mass the most important leads to performance of an RC racecar. The T3 11 features a fantastic lightweight composite XRAY Front Solid Axle. The leading Solid Axle has an exceptionally rigid framework and ultra-light fat which include been achieved by molding the complete solid axle from XRAY s own self-formulated composite product. Outdrives are totally exchangeable allowing fairly easy and comfortable servicing, because the unique drive shaft connection eliminating the prior drive shaft blades allows direct power transfer towards axle and eliminates perform in regards to the drive shaft and outdrives, increasing steering precision and increasing fundamental steering.

Aluminum XRAY Ball Differential
The T3 11 features a high-competition, super-smooth Aluminum Ball Differential. Created from the premium Swiss 7075 T6 keeping in mind difficult anodized to boost the lifespan the outdrives. The differential is externally adjustable and comes factory pre-assembled. XRAY s revolutionary and smart Labyrinth Dust Cover diff protection system is carried over from past T1/T2 platforms which it's been really effortlessly suitable for years. The first inside labyrinth design towards diff covers stops dirt, debris, and carpeting materials from stepping in the differential, this is why decreasing servicing and ensuring longevity. The XRAY Aluminum Ball Differential features carbide balls and a high-quality carbide thrust-bearing for ultra-smooth running.

Ultra-lightweight Aluminum Bulkheads
Ultra-lightweight bulkheads wound up being certainly intended to get maximum traction, steering, and safety. All bulkhead elements are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum since they are strategically machined to supply the lightest feasible assistance framework the car. Because of the ultra-low platform it had been possible to really make the littlest, and lightest bulkheads ever. The bulkheads are anodized in an extraordinary orange color. (Note: colors may vary notably notably between things.) XRAY s famous pay attention to info is noticeable in the majority of the properly chamfered edges. XRAY s comprehension of information and excellence is apparent utilizing their TQM (Total Quality Management) approach. Not simply are bulkheads inspected through production procedure, however they are moreover put up toward framework to make certain your automobile s œbackbone  is in fact entirely manufactured. Once you begin the container, you will learn and appreciate the wonder.

Independent Suspension Mounting
The T3 platform features a whole new system for mounting the paid down suspension system system holders separately from bulkheads and mounted to the framework. Hands are attached to the framework by split a bulkhead giving you increased framework flex so increases traction and makes the car better to drive. Backside aluminum reduced suspension system system system holders are relocated 0.75mm more toward the guts to make back track-width narrower to give more traction. The holders are pre-angled to produce included toe-in.

Motor Mount Bulkhead
The motor mount is connected to the framework regarding centerline for better security and tweak.

Split Bulkhead Design
The back bulkheads function a split design, allowing a corner suspension system system be installed to separate bulkheads although the center layshaft rests on your own, super-narrow bulkheads being placed optimum toward center of framework. The split design about the bulkheads additionally enables super-easy making use of front component and right back differentials combined with center layshaft.

Integrated Belt Tension Adjustment
As with previous XRAY automobiles, both front side and right back bulkheads feature included belt-tension modification by using adjustable bearing eccentric holders, eliminating the necessity for the following gear tensioner. All ball-bearings turn in composite hubs to cut back friction and enhance drivetrain effectiveness.

Diff Height Adjustment
Both front component and back bulkheads function separate diff height modification. By rotating the diff eccentric holders, the height of diff could possibly be modified by 1mm. Optional eccentric holders with 2mm offset might be had allowing diff height modification of 2mm.

XRAY Multi-Flex Technology
One of more renowned and considered one of several absolute numerous revolutionary set-up features in touring car designs in the previous handful of years is considered as get to be the innovation and introduction of XRAY Multi-Flex technology that was brought ahead towards T3 platform. This smart system enables the environment of various flex characteristics for different track conditions. This quite effective set-up function was in reality updated the T3 platform making it possible for easier flex alterations utilising the numerous jobs ahead deck simply. Regardless of whether you drive on asphalt or carpeting considering Multi-Flex technology you are able to set the flex soft, soft-medium, medium-stiff, rigid or anywhere in between to a lot of effortlessly of good use suit your track conditions.

Aluminum Turnbuckles
Aluminum adjustable turnbuckles situated in the T3 are CNC-machined from 7075 T6 item with a fashionable black colored colored colored colored finish. These turnbuckles are used for front side and back upright linkages and in addition for the servo saver. The aluminum turnbuckles are lighter than steel in lowering steadily the essential fat from car.

Suspension Holders
The T3 utilizes similar smart suspension system system system holders while the T2 platform. The aluminum inserts inside composite holders guarantee that geometry and setup wont change and also will be retained despite difficult crashes. You will find 3 different suspension system system system system composite holders that enable effortless roll center setup. The traditional suspension system system system owner provides a 0mm roll center, while two eccentric suspension system system system holders raise or reduced the roll center by 0.75mm. The split suspension system system system holders about the T3 allow more accurate roll center modification. The suspension system system system holders that are arranged on split bulkheads might shimmed outward from bulkheads (using 0.1 0.5mm shims) for accurate roll center positioning. The smart XRAY geometry employs variable-thickness shims between bulkheads and suspension system holders ensure it is simple for effortless back toe-in adjustment. Nonetheless it is feasible to eradicate the shims that will slim the suspension system, then include wheel offset shims to reclaim track-width.

Drive Belts
The 2-belt 4WD drivetrain concept provides maximum effectiveness and greatest performance making use of ultra-high durable drive belts. Narrow (3mm) front side component and right back drive belts are specifically ground for minimal level and freedom.

Centrally-positioned Layshaft
The center layshaft is strategically placed towards the biggest market of the framework on split, super-narrow center layshaft bulkheads placed through the framework centerline. The center drive pulleys are put with through primary spur gear and then the drivetrain energy is delivered from engine through centrally-positioned spur gear to both center layshaft pulleys ¦ ensuring maximum balance regarding car.

Aluminum Center Layshaft
The aluminum layshaft is strategically CNC-machined to cut back rotating fat without compromising power or integrity. The hollow layshaft is wholly circular with zero visited a finish, eliminating drivetrain vibration and producing a confident protection. Composite pulleys key sturdily towards the layshaft.

Proven Suspension Geometry
From the slim fingers, through small front component and straight back suspension obstructs, towards small and robust steering blocks, every suspension system system system component completed up being especially designed to offer responsive racing traits in many competition conditions. Over time XRAY has effortlessly gained and used considerable suspension geometry knowledge and self-developed suspension system system system tightness technology, which were used when making suspension system elements. The ultra-lightweight suspension system system elements are molded from a real composite item that produces the current weather actually light yet really durable to withstand the rigors of superior battle. The T3 platform features optimized suspension system system system elements carried done from T2 platform. The hands work one optimized surprise mounting place and built-in anti-roll club mounts. A considerable component hands work three anti-roll club mounts for super-fine modification of anti-roll club. Leading suspension system system system arms allow 3mm modification of front supply position.

The C-hubs in T3 are carried over through T2 platform whilst having big areas for faster & easier assembly/disassembly the CVDs. The whole CVD installation is merely inserted/removed through C-hub without necessity for disassembly. The best areas prevent collision of CVD with C-hub in serious crashes and generally speaking are optimized to be used with optional ECS drive shafts. The C-hubs can be purchased in all standard caster perspectives (2°, 4°, 6°) and they are also furthermore furthermore easily accessible in two various hardnesses being optimized for a number of rushing conditions.

Rear Uprights
The right back uprights work 0° toe to ensure protection and supply a wide berth to suspension system system geometry alterations in hard crashes. There are two main main different roll center functions in the straight back uprights, and more roll center functions is merely modified with the addition of shims between upright as well as the turnbuckle ball joint. A large part uprights work little but robust 5x10x4 ball-bearings to attenuate unsprung fat. A large part uprights are available in two different hardnesses which were optimized for certain competition conditions. 1-hole uprights are developed as an optional fine-tuning component through standard 2-hole uprights for high-traction songs where more roll of vehicle is desired. To be used inside the standard 2-hole upright whenever outside opening cannot enable enough roll, although the interior area produces incredibly roll. Easily obtainable in both œM  and œH  hardnesses.

Steering Blocks
The T3 steering obstructs allow more angling which increases steering and cornering rate. The small and tough steering obstructs each function two Ackermann jobs. Leading steering obstructs also function small but robust 5x10 ball-bearings to attenuate unsprung fat. The steering obstructs can be bought two various hardnesses, that are optimized for all battle conditions.

Anti-Roll Bars
The T3 11 includes standard 1.4mm front and 1.2mm straight back anti-roll pubs. The anti-roll bars are mounted utilizing the included composite holders towards front and back bulkheads, and are also usually efficiently mounted towards integral anti-roll club mounts to your suspension system system system fingers. For effortless recognition the anti-roll club has laser-engraved stripes (representing each level) for simple and easy instant recognition. Optional anti-roll pubs are available for super-fine and accurate anti-roll club adjustment.

XRAY Fast Roll-Centers
XRAY s self-developed Fast Roll-Centers make setup fast & effortless. One of the keys and right back shock towers work pre-set optimized roll center jobs. Using the eccentric aluminum roll center holders you are able to pick considered among 4 fast roll-center jobs regarding front component and straight back surprise towers. Simple, smart, fast. The T3 platform features brand-new a lot longer XRAY quick Roll Center mounts which allow mounting longer top camber links, causing greater safety and even more accurate handling.

Graphite Shock Towers
The super-low front part component and straight back surprise towers are CNC-machined from premium 3mm dense graphite product to be certain maximum power and stamina, and repaid height allows the shocks become mounted lower consequently making the CG paid off. The main element surprise tower have already been particularly machined for ultra-low fat without compromising power. The surprise towers function revised surprise mounting functions for fast surprise absorbers, and work different jobs for fast Roll Center settings. The all-in-one shock towers are ideal for use with either synthetic or foam tires.

Short XRAY rushing Shocks
The T3 platform features the fast, race-proven, externally adjustable XRAY battle shocks carried over through T2 platform. The quick shock systems and surprise rods was indeed created for improved suspension system system system lift and paid down CG. The XRAY externally-adjustable competition shocks assist fast & effortless damping modification around 4 various damping settings without disassembly. The threaded shock systems assist effortless and fine journey height modification. The shocks additionally work foam membrane layer inserts for smoother surprise procedure. Shock rods are specifically hardened to be sure durability and optimum strength.

Precision Spur Gears
Precision-molded spur gears are constructed of XRAY's exclusive key combination of composite item, allowing kit to accomplish genuine and super calm and stay robust adequate to control low-wind modified machines or brushless machines. The spur gears are strategically designed to have the best feasible fat while remaining strong and light. Each gear is stamped utilising the tooth quantity for effortless recognition. The T3 11 features an 84T 48-pitch spur gear.

Premium Ball-Bearings
Fully ball-bearing prepared; 24 bearings inside the kit High-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings through drivetrain for optimum effectiveness well threshold, maximum performance bearings Small-size ball-bearings within steering obstructs and uprights decrease unsprung fat Ball-bearings are degreased and carefully oiled with Aero Shell® Fluid 12 for optimum smoothness and durability top-quality carbide thrust bearings for adjustable Aluminum Ball Differentials

Aluminum Hex Hubs
Ultra-lightweight wheel hex drive hubs are CNC-machined from 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. These ultra-true hex hubs are particularly machined to lessen rotating fat while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting. Optional offsets is available (-0.75, +0.75, +1.5mm).

Shock Pistons
XRAY keyed surprise pistons enables you to make adjustable or non-adjustable shocks. Coupled with 2-piece adjustable shock pistons, 3 different non-adjustable pistons are included.

XRAY Rushing Springs
The T3 11 features proven C2.6/C3 springs. Similar to every single other XRAY springs, these springs were manually calculated and selected to ensure correctly equal size and damping traits.

XRAY Selected Springs
For extra tuning, XRAY provides complete sets of ultimate surprise springs. XRAY self-developed and produced ultimate competition springs are manually chosen for optimum accuracy, equal size, and equal damping characteristics. Available separately or as an ultimate set #308390 and #308380, and fresh distinct black colored colored colored coated, laser-engraved springs.

Body Posts
Beefy 6mm thick human body articles are produced from unique composite product providing you maximum energy but sufficient flex to scale back human body post breakage in hard crashes or you flip the automobile over. The human body helps are curved to own a lot better fit and gives better assistance on automobile body. For ultimate tuning and modification, XRAY provides optional human anatomy height adjustable human anatomy articles which allow split front side & straight back human body height modification by +1mm or +2mm.

front component Bumper
The compact front part component foam bumper is created out of high-resilience lightweight foam. The best paid down composite bumper and top bumper owner are molded from rigid composite product to withstand hefty crashes. An optional stiffer foam bumper are had (#301223) including an impact-absorbing paid off bumper (#301203).

Adjustment Possibilities
The significant and impressive range of modification possibilities includes: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, downstops, track-width, paid down roll center, fast Roll Center , steering roll center, wheelbase, Ackermann, belt-tension modification, Multi-Flex technology (top deck flex), 4 action adjustable shocks, adjustable backside diff and adjustable optional front component XRAY Multi-Diff .

Chassis Balance
The framework design is targeted on balanced fat circulation and fat transfer. The framework features pre-drilled holes for additional lots for optimum vehicle balancing. Centerline holes are pre-drilled for simple balancing combined with HUDY Chassis Balancing Tool #107880.

Premium HUDY Greases
The T3 includes premium HUDY Graphite and Diff greases. HUDY Graphite Grease is a high-performance, advanced-technology semi-fluid lubricant which includes both extreme force elements and finely-dispersed graphite for load carrying. It is meant mainly the lubrication of rotating elements and packed gears. Alongside supplying outstanding load keeping, it is the truth is developed to own excellent adhesion and opposition to fling-off" under extreme conditions. The oil decreases utilize while increasing the elements life. HUDY Diff Grease is a high-performance
Remark :
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