1/12 Caterham Super Seven JPE - Tamiya 10203  [10203]

Tamiya 10203 - 1/12 Caterham Super Seven JPE



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Tamiya 10203 Caterham Super Seven JPE Vintage Cars Vehicles die-cast / finished 1/12 scale

About the Caterham Super Seven JPE The lightweight, sporty Caterham Super Seven has drawn fans from all over the world. Among a rich variety of Super Sevens, the JPE model made its debut in 1993 and became the flagship of the Seven series. This assembly model kit authentically recreates that winning car right down to the finest details. 1/12 scale; overall length 265mm; overall width 132mm; overall height 84mm.

Wide Variety of Materials Captures Realism The hood, side-paneling, etc. are made of aluminum and painted florescent yellow, just like the real vehicle. Featuring a metal front grille, roll-bar and muffler, a rubber tonneau cover, and a six-point seat belt made of cloth, the materials have been kept as close as possible to that of the actual JPE.

Screws Abundant in Assembly Aluminum body panels are screwed on to the space frame one by one. The construction features the attaching of the suspension arm, the mounting of the engine and the screwing on of the wheels with four hexagonal nuts. Since almost all of the parts use screws for assembly, you can experience the production process of an authentic JPE.

Moveable Front and Rear Suspension Suspension arms and deDion tubing are die-cast metal. Coil springs are attached to dampers by metal brackets and screws, permitting mobility. Also, just like the real vehicle, the rack and pinion mechanism interlocks with the steering wheel, enabling the front wheels to turn.

Authentically Recreated Vauxhall Engine Rubber timing belt, sponge air-cleaner and metal exhaust pipe all heighten feeling of authenticity. Piping and wiring such as the oil line and ignition cable have been recreated with precision.

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